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After years of experience with cabinetry, we have perfected our cabinet painting, cabinet refinishing, and cabinet staining techniques the point of minimal inconvenience for you, our customer. Painting might be dirty work, but with our methodical approach, we make sure that no part of your house gets stained or damaged.

Furthermore, as we take your cabinets apart, we make sure to pay attention to all the hinges and corners, fixing little things as we go along. And if you wish to replace all your hardware while things are apart, we can do that too. Our catalog has a wide range of modern, stylized and fun hardware for you to choose from and for us to easily install thereafter.

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    Our process

    First, we clean cabinets thoroughly, removing any grime, oils, or waxes that might have built up over the years. It is crucial for us to start with a clean canvas; otherwise, nothing we put on top will last. 

    The next step is to prepare the wood by sanding it down and fixing any imperfections along the way. We need to make sure that the primer and paint will bond to the wood. This will not happen unless we rough up the service and let the top layers soak in whatever goes on top. 

    work in progress kitchen cabinet redooring in marietta
    work in progress cabinet redooring in marietta

    If in the past, you’ve experienced paint peeling off your cabinets, just know that this is due to bad or no preparation of the wood. This is true for all materials and surfaces: walls, cars, cabinets; they all need to be adequately prepared to bond with the paint.

    Once that is done, we spray on a layer of primer to ensures that your cabinets are smooth and flawless once the paint is on them. After the primer dries out is is time for painting. We are clean and careful in our approach and proud to say that no mess gets left behind. 404-445-2576

    Color of your choice

    It can be really hard to imagine your new space in a fresh, shiny layer of paint. This is why our sales manager will talk to you during your free consultation and help you select the best option for your living space.

    We offer thousands of shades for you to choose from, and we know exactly how your cabinets will take the color, so you have nothing to worry about.

    Are you looking to brighten up your kitchen, or desire a dark, sophisticated bathroom? We’ve done work on kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, hallway cabinets as well as complete storage rooms and basements.

    If you want to renovate your home and finally fix those old, peeling cabinets from the 90s, we’ve got you covered.

    modern blue kitchen cabinets in marietta

    We also offer several different finishing looks, including glazed, antique, shadowed, and more. Whatever your preference might be, we are here to match it with the most durable finish that will serve you for a long time. 404-445-2576

    Have questions about our service?

    We are always open to explaining our process and giving you an estimate of what it would cost you to refinish or reface your space. If you aren’t sure of what style and colors you’d like to go for, we’re also here to show you some examples and offer our advice on what would be the best solution for your home.