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What is Cabinet Refacing (Cabinet Redooring)?

If you are happy with the general layout of your kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets or laundry cabinets but hate the style of them, we suggest you look no further. While traditional painting or staining only changes the color of cabinets, refacing (redooring) means complete replacement of all your cabinet doors and drawer faces.

Schedule a free estimate and consultation ( by calling 404-445-2576), and we will discuss everything with you, from what style you prefer to what color would best suit your home.

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Once you are satisfied, we will produce your new cabinet doors out of real wood, like maple or cherry. Also, per demand, we can cover your drawer faces with matching wood veneers. Whether you wish to keep or replace your old countertops is entirely up to you. 

Once the new doors are ready to be installed, our team of professionals will come over to remove old cabinet doors and replace them with new ones. We will also refinish your old cabinet units to seamlessly match their new doors and install new hardware, including hidden hinges, to add an extra spark to your new space.



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    An easy way to bring up the value of your home

    Unless your cabinet units are damaged and need of replacement, there is no reason for you to pay for a complete overhaul. Cabinet refacing is both a cheaper and faster way of giving your home a new, modern look, which will automatically bring up the value of your home.

    Whether you’re thinking of selling after your kids start college or you’ve just moved into a new place and can’t stand the old owner’s tacky taste, we are here to make your life easier and your renovations cheaper.

    Why wait? Give us a call at 404-445-2576 and schedule a free in-home consultation.

    Sophisticated? Fun? Modern?

    Whatever look you are going for, we have just the thing for you. Choose from an endless catalog of colors and consult with our experts to come up with the best solution for your home.

    And if you are still unsure whether you should get cabinet refacing or a complete renovation, answer these 5 questions:

    1. Are you happy with the current layout of your cabinets?
    2. Are your cabinet units in good shape, meaning they aren’t heavily damaged?
    3. Are your cabinet units made out of good material, like full wood?
    4. Do you have expensive countertops that you like and would want to keep?
    5. Do you wish to renovate your space without spending a fortune?
    If the answer to most of these questions is YES, then cabinet refacing is the right choice for you. 
    Also, if the space you want to renovate is within your current home, you probably need the work to be done FAST, in order for you and your family to go back to using this space. Cabinet refacing takes significantly less time than a complete renovation and is drastically cheaper. 404-445-2576
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    Consult with a professional

    Marietta Cabinet Painting is an experienced team of professionals with more than a decade of woodwork experience. We guarantee that our craftsmanship will not chip away nor fall apart the first time your kids slam the door and that it will be there to upsell your house when the time comes. 

    Work with us on your next renovating project and discover exactly why were are the number one recommended cabinet refinishing and refacing service in Marietta!